I’ll be speaking Wednesday afternoon at the fantastic Open Source Bridge conference here in Portland, Oregon about the history behind and lessons learned from our MBTiles open file format. The talk is entitled Anatomy of an Open File Format: Where MBTiles Came From and the Mapping Problems It Solves and is intended for an intermediate-level audience.

MapBox is a company building beautiful maps and open source tools. At the heart of our work are open software and standards, and at the heart of that is a file format for storing maps called MBTiles. We’ll talk about where the need for this format came from, how it was created, and what problems it solves.

I’ll talk a little tech, a little history, and a little theory, and hopefully attendees will walk away with some new ideas about solving cross platform problems in an open way and continuing to build an ecosystem around those solutions.

If you’re in Portland this week for the conference, please say hi. I’d love to talk about maps, open source code, Portland, or anything else! You can find me on Twitter at @incanus77.