That was fast: OpenAddresses now contains 220 million addresses. You might recall that the project began in 2015 with 100 million points. It’s been growing steadily since, adding an average of about three hundred thousand addresses per day(!). It’s an incredible milestone for a project that only turned two years old earlier this month.

And OpenAddresses has added not only new data but also new capabilities. Thanks in particular to the work of Mike Migurski, Nelson Minar and Ian Dees, contributors can now take advantage of continuous integration tools to find and fix errors more easily. Users also have more granular download options than ever before.

But the project will only continue to succeed with help. Doing so can be as simple as sending an email to your local government, reporting an address dataset you know of or picking up an open ticket.

For a more complete introduction to the project, check out the talk I gave at FOSS4G last fall:

Or just browse the project’s ever-growing coverage:

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