Offline mobile maps

Starting today, Mapbox maps can be used without a data connection. The Mapbox Android and iOS SDKs can now pre-cache maps to save bandwidth and data charges, optimize performance, and anticipate lack of network access. Imagine:

  • A delivery app that pre-caches maps to the pick-up, ensuring that you’ll get to your destination even if you drive through an area without cell coverage.
  • A travel planning app that downloads a map of your destination city ahead of your departure, saving you roaming charges when you arrive.
  • An outdoor recreation app that works just as well in the backcountry as it does in the frontcountry.

With the new SDKs, any map can be used offline: Mapbox-designed styles like Streets, Emerald, Light, Dark, and Satellite, as well as custom styles created with Mapbox Studio. When you’re back online, the SDK checks for map updates in areas you visit and automatically downloads the most recent data. We’re constantly updating streets and imagery, so you’ll always have the best available map.

Offline maps are enabled for all accounts, with storage of up to a London-sized region at a time. If you download overlapping offline regions, we share data between them to save space. Developers can increase the amount of maps stored with paid plans.

Getting started

Offline maps are available in iOS SDK 3.2.0 beta and Android SDK 4.0.0 beta. To get started, visit our Offline maps with Mapbox Mobile guide. Be sure to check out our refreshed API documentation for iOS and Android.