Bass Pro Shops MyGuide: Hunt just hit the iPhone App Store and quickly shot up into the top ten most popular sports and outdoor apps. The app’s concept is simple - a map for use when hunting and fishing. The key differentiator with MapBox that Bass Pro Shops was able to exploit is due to the fact that many places where the app will be used don’t have cellular data service, so traditional iPhone maps will not work.

Bass Pro Shops designed for this specific offline use case using our MapBox iOS SDK, which supports unrestricted offline map caching. We are seeing a lot of interest around offline mapping needs and Justin is currently working on extending the SDK to make it even easier to take maps offline with a device, as well as allow developers the ability to customize this experience while the SDK still does the heavy lifting. Ping Justin on Twitter (@incanus77) if you want to get an early look for your app.

Now, sit back and look at these beautiful terrain maps from Bass Pro Shops!

Camping on the river southwest of Front Royal, Virginia Camping on the river southwest of Front Royal, Virginia

Interface for downloading maps Interface for downloading maps

Redding, California Redding, California

West of Boulder, Colorado West of Boulder, Colorado

Spader Bay, Washington State Spader Bay, Washington State

Bass Pro Shops MyGuide: Hunt is $4.99 USD on the App Store.