Cities across India have new imagery on our satellite map today. We’ve updated more than half a dozen major urban areas, with suburbs and highways as well as city centers. Here are a few highlights from more than 100,000 km² (38,000 mi²) of imagery that we’ve just rolled out in India.

Chennai’s core has green parks, bright blue train stations, several sports stadiums, a busy port, and a beach – all among neighborhoods from several distinct phases of growth:

Central Chennai

There are just as many colors when you zoom in, for example around the historic Zam Bazaar market:

Dense buildings

On the other side of the country, old cargo ships come from around the world to the town of Alang, where they will be scrapped for steel and parts:

Ships on the beach

In the interior, near Jaipur, family farms make a semi-regular patchwork:

Patchwork farms

And far to the south, at the expanding periphery of the Kochi metropolis, we noticed traditional net-fishing boats in the estuary next to a brand new hospital:

Boats and greenery

These are a small sample of today’s updates for India, which cover some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing cities. They’re part of a continuing refresh of densely populated areas around the globe, including in Canada and China. Follow along to see more (including more in India), and if you have questions, just ask.