Yesterday we joined a coalition of startups to support the FCC’s new net neutrality rules in court. As we said in the run-up to the Commission’s vote on the rules earlier this year:

We’re built on open source software, open data, and open standards, but all this work depends on an open Internet. We’ve built global infrastructure to serve beautiful maps insanely fast, but it only works if Internet users everywhere can reliably get to our servers.

We knew then that FCC’s vote wouldn’t be the end of the issue, and sure enough, shortly afterwards, cable and phone companies sued to block the new rules.

Joined by Engine Advocacy, Dwolla, Fandor, Foursquare, General Assembly, GitHub, Imgur, Keen IO, Mapbox, and Shapeways, our brief emphasizes the importance of the Commission’s rules for innovation online, especially for small companies like ours.

This is a vital fight for the Internet, and we’ll continue adding our voice wherever we can make a difference.