To aid post-earthquake relief efforts in Nepal, we have created a print-friendly OpenStreetMap based map style highlighting key infrastructure like emergency facilities, drinking water, public shelters, and fire hydrants. The maps are distributed through Kathmandu Living Labs and available as Fieldpapers (pick the “Humanitarian - Nepal” style).

If you’d like to adjust the style to your needs, the full Mapbox Studio Classic project is available on Github. To join the mapping effort in Nepal head over to the OpenStreetMap wiki and learn how to get started.


The style is high contrast and optimized for monotone printing (Kalinchok (Kuri Village), Central Region)

Hillshades and labeled contour lines describe the often dramatic terrain (Bahrabise, Central Region).

The style highlights relevant infrastructure. In case adjustments are needed, the source is available openly on Github (Bhaktapur).