DigitalGlobe has tasked their satellite constellation to capture the most up-to-date and cloud-free imagery in Nepal to help with mapping for earthquake relief. The images from yesterday’s satellite pass are clearer than Sunday’s, making them better for tracing. We processed three strips of imagery of the Kathmandu urban area over the past few hours and have made it available for tracing through the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

Yesterday’s clear skies allowed WorldView-3 a crisp view of most of Kathmandu.

To learn how you can help map Nepal after the earthquake, head over to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team wiki.

To use this imagery, add the following URL to your OpenStreetMap editor. For the web editor, iD, add the URL via “background settings”; for the desktop editor, JOSM, add the URL via imagery preferences.


DigitalGlobe will continue to collect imagery as weather allows, and we will continue to process it and make it available for tracing.