Our mobile Navigation SDKs for iOS and Android give you the tools you need to add turn-by-turn navigation to your app or build a completely custom navigation app from scratch, and we’ve just released big updates for iOS (0.4.0) and Android (0.3.1).

Simulation mode for turn-by-turn

As a developer, it’s difficult to ensure turn-by-turn navigation works under a variety of scenarios, so we’ve built tools for location simulation to help you test and demo your app. On iOS that’s as simple as setting simulatesLocationUpdates to true, and on Android you can swap in a MockLocationEngine as in this example.

Re-routing improvements

We’ve made a number of improvements to how we detect and handle re-routing along the route, in addition to giving you the developer more control over how to handle reroutes.

Custom styling

We’ve added more ways to style the drop-in turn-by-turn UI on iOS. You can use the new Style class to tweak the colors and fonts to match your app.

A drop-in UI for Android is coming later this summer.

Next up: custom maps for navigation

This summer we’ll be bringing you custom maps designed specifically for the demands of turn-by-turn navigation apps, along with full support for displaying live traffic along the route as in the video above. Using Mapbox Studio, you’ll have the ability to customize these navigation maps even further to match your app.

Drop us a note at support@mapbox.com if you’re interested in getting early access.