Mobile location analytics are built into every developer’s account using the Mapbox Mobile iOS SDK, for free. The analytics dashboard is designed for developers to see how, when, and most importantly where your app is used. You can see location trends, map engagement, and device demographics instantly. All the location data is anonymized and aggregated, secured in transit and at rest, and protected. View your dashboard.

Map interactions and device metrics

Measuring when and how users interact with the map is crucial to improving the user experience. Get a breakdown of gestures and zoom levels, and evaluate peak interaction times. Device metrics are detailed, including insights about the physical device, operating system and global configuration options like battery level or orientation.


The heatmap’s neighborhood-level accuracy helps developers identify regional trends like never before, visualizing where your users go while respecting their privacy by aggregating and anonymizing all the data. You can also get a sense of what time of day people are on the move to optimize marketing outreach.

Filtering and exporting your data

You can filter the dashboard by week as well as by app. You also own this data - want to export the data for use in your own analytics platform? Export the view in JSON or CSV format.

User-level privacy settings

Users should always have the final say in sharing any location data, even if the data is anonymized and aggregated. As a developer, you are responsible for making opting out simple and easy for your users. The opt-out settings must be in your app’s main settings in the or else implemented in your app’s UI. While this is a privacy requirement from us to use Mapbox, we see this more as a feature that gives your users full control of their privacy.

Getting started

To get started, follow the guide to add your first Mapbox GL map to your application and start seeing data on the dashboard in minutes.