We just shipped v0.5.1 of our iOS SDK, with new marker support, new imagery, and better polyline annotations. Now you can have OpenGL-based rendering of tens of thousands of markers with any imagery you provide, be it bundled on-disk, fetched from the network, or even drawn on the fly to account for changing conditions in the Mapbox Mobile SDK.

Custom markers drawn on top of the Mapbox Light style

Our improved marker support makes possible features like numbering or labeling markers to rank them, using photo thumbnails or user avatars as markers, and so much more. We’re excited to see what you’ll build with this — tweet @Mapbox and show us!

Satellite imagery

We’ve tuned the rendering and added a new Satellite style.

Improved line joins, view tracking, and performance

We made polyline annotations look better, especially when partially-transparent or with sharp angles. We improved the tracking of native iOS views like the user location marker atop the GL view for better pan and zoom behavior. And we’re continuing to work on performance and stability of the framework to make Mapbox Mobile as fast and reliable as possible.

Get started now

Download the v0.5.1 release from CocoaPods or direct download. Mapbox Mobile is free for up to 50,000 monthly active users and features location and device analytics.