Want to be part of the team that’s changing the way app makers design and develop maps? Or just enjoy building frameworks for other developers? Or maybe you love graphics programming and squeezing every last ounce of performance out of the latest low-energy mobile chips? At Mapbox, you can do all of these. We’re looking for a few good Android and iOS developers.


While having a background in maps is a bonus, what we’re really looking for is top-notch coders who love native development, be it Objective-C, Java, Swift, C++, or whatever’s coming next. We want people who love their craft and see unlimited potential in the new class of touch-based smartphones and tablets that have revolutionized what it means to carry a portable computer.


Mapbox builds, and is built on, open source code. We maintain over 200 projects on GitHub, and internally we even run everything from office maintenance to sales as repositories with issues. Writing open source code is an excellent way to improve your skills, interact with customers, and take more accountability for your code.


Roles are fluid at Mapbox. As a mobile developer, you’ll find yourself affecting much more than just our mobile code:

  • Working on Cocoa, Java, or C++ libraries
  • Hacking on a headless GL renderer
  • Blogging about build systems
  • Hopping on a call with interested devs at a world-famous shop
  • Drafting a beautiful mobile showcase on the website
  • Strategizing new code libraries for new markets
  • Sketching ideas for a new server API

Our products and services are shaped by the whole team working as a tight, integrated unit to smooth out all of the rough edges and make elegant, well-documented, and fun tools that tens of thousands of developers love.

Get in touch

If you’ve got what it takes and have a deep and abiding love for native mobile platforms, we want to hear from you. Hit us up at jobs@mapbox.com or on Twitter at @Mapbox and let’s talk mobile.