Our friends at MileIQ recently launched custom maps to help their users quickly identify their trips. MileIQ’s apps allows drivers to log data on their trips and submit them for reimbursement. With our iOS SDK, MileIQ is taking advantage of maps designed in Studio.

The maps show up in MileIQ’s trip card view, where choices around label density and fonts help users quickly see the beginning and end points of their trips, even on a mobile phone screen. Rail stations, parks, plazas, and other points of interest add further context. Road classes, differentiated through color and casings, ensure that the user sees each of their trips clearly.

Tapping on the maps within the card view brings up the full map, which features MileIQ’s fonts and color palette. Labels for towns, neighborhoods and smaller places are legible at medium zoom levels. These labels are important for orienting users in more rural places and leverage the label ranking found in Mapbox Streets.

Check out MileIQ in the app store!