We recently attempted to recreate the Lord of the Rings map of Middle Earth using Mapbox Studio Classic. Here’s how we did it.

Peaks and coastlines

You can extract particular attributes from OpenStreetMap using Overpass Turbo. We built a custom query to pull out natural=peak and tourism=viewpoint.

We also used coastline data from Natural Earth. You can download it here.

Styling in Studio

In Mapbox Studio Classic, we started by creating a blank source and imported the coastline and peak data as sources.


Next, we styled the data. To emphasize features like land, hills and green areas on the map, we used custom background images and patterns.

Map {
  background-image: url("land.png");

#water {
  ::b {



We used a graphic of a ring to mark cities and we added an offset to position the text.

#place_label[type='city'][zoom>4][zoom<=14] {
  text-dy: 2;
  text-dx: 2;
  text-orientation: 45;

Finally, we uploaded the map to Mapbox to share. You can download or browse the code of our Middle Earth map style on Github.

There is much more you can do with Mapbox Studio Classic. Did you make a map? Let us know, tweet @Mapbox.