We’re co-hosting a meetup with our friends at MemSQL next Wednesday, June 29 in San Francisco. RSVP here and swing by 534 Fourth St at 6:00pm PT to meet the teams!

MemSQL is an in-memory database designed for real-time analytics on massive streaming datasets. MemSQL uses Mapbox for maps as fast as its data crunching, building custom visualizations to track every taxi trip in New York City, every pin and repin on Pinterest, and data from two million sensors on 197,000 wind turbines:

MemSQL uses Mapbox Satellite to match its turbine status analytics to global wind farms.

Want to learn more about how the next generation of database solutions like MemSQL, MapD, and Cloudant are building powerful visualizations with Mapbox? Find us on Twitter at @Mapbox or drop me a line at irwin@mapbox.com.