We just acquired MeatText, the super-simple, share-your-location-with-anyone app, and lead developer Bobby Sudekum is joining the MapBox team. This is all part of our larger social mobile push in 2013. We plan to upgrade MeatText to use the latest MapBox technology and to open source the core code. The app will continue to be available in the App Store for free as a great social sharing tool for everyone and the code will move to GitHub under a BSD license in order to help other developers learn how to build great apps with MapBox.

Here’s a short intro video showing how MeatText lets you quickly share your precise location with friends.

We’re looking forward to Bobby joining the core Washington, DC team and building all sorts of great resources for MapBox. And as always, we’re on the lookout for other great tech that people are putting together with our building blocks. If you know of a great app or website that we should see, reach out to us on Twitter to @MapBox.