Earlier this year, we announced our acquisition of MeatText, a simple app for quickly sharing a location with anyone. Now, just a few weeks later, we're excited to announce a brand new version of MeatText for iOS, redesigned from the ground up with a fresh look and several fun new features.

It's as easy as always to share your location with MeatText. With only two clicks, share your location with anyone through text message, email, or Twitter. Should you be feeling adventurous, though, you can quickly style your map with a plethora of all-new themes and markers. Our MeatText themes were designed with MapBox and we've created fifteen unique markers to wow, impress, or potentially scare your friends.

Once a MeatText is sent, your friend can open up the link with any device from wherever they are, even if they don't have MeatText installed.

We'll be expanding MeatText to Android, building ways to save your shared locations, and will continue to add new themes and markers.

Download MeatText and watch for updates at our freshly hatched @meattext Twitter account.