This feature has been updated

Visit the documentation page at Making your first Mapbox map.

We just rolled out markers to all accounts, making it easy to annotate maps in your MapBox account with a few clicks. Use markers to designate points of interest by placing them anywhere on your map, then give each one a title, description, and a totally unique pin with options for size, color, and symbol. When people look at your map, they’ll see your custom pins and they’ll be able to hover over each one to see its title and description.

Screenshot of markers interface

The markers feature started as an experiment to find a better way to quickly share locations with friends, like the best places to visit in New Orleans or the field for the next MapBox soccer team practice. After some prototyping, we realized that markers are perfect for any situation where you need to share locations quickly. Journalists will find it useful for showing where a story is happening, businesses will use it to map their locations, and local blogs will use it to share information about events happening in the community.

This last example was the inspiration behind a new map site template that we’re releasing today. Each week the DCist, a popular local blog, posts a list of its Weekend Picks - things to do or see during the weekend. Seeing the Weekend Picks laid out on a map would help people see what’s happening in their neighborhood. That’s exactly what we did using the new markers feature.

Screenshot of map site template

The new map site template displays a map with markers along with a filtering interface. You can download the template, swap out the default map with one of your own, and the template will automatically update based on your map’s title, description, and markers. It’s great to use as is or as a starting point for more sophisticated application integration.

The MapBox iOS SDK now also has support for markers so you can display maps with markers in your native apps. Along with the map site template, we’re releasing a template for a companion iOS app. Again, just replace the default map URL with your own (as well as optionally specifying an app styling color) and rebuild the app.

Screenshot of iOS template

Regardless of which methods you use to display or integrate markers into your applications, any changes you make to markers on MapBox will automatically be reflected everywhere. Update once and see the change in your web application, map embeds, and iOS app.

Personalized markers combined with the powerful color customization options you have with MapBox Streets make MapBox an easy-to-use tool for point based maps. Try using markers now with a free MapBox account.