In February 2017, Marc joined Mapbox full time, working on strategic business development.

Marc Prioleau, a long time player in the geo space just joined our Board of Directors and is specifically focused to help us grow smart as we continue to expand the team.

Marc Prioleau Joins the MapBox Board of Directors

Marc has been a good friend and advisor, helping us strategize over the last 12 months of rapid team growth as we increased the size of the team by 30% and strengthened our core culture. His geo roots date from the early location days managing marketing for Trimble to VP Marketing and Business Development at deCarta and most recently 4 years working on strategy & M&A in the location market. He can provide perspective on how to quickly scale and how to avoid the pitfalls along the way. Most importantly, Marc gets open source and open data, and sees how these are key strategic advantages for MapBox.

Many folks have probably run into Marc at various geo-events, most recently at the State of the Map US conference in San Francisco. If you haven’t met him in person here are two clips of him playing geo-pundit on Bloomberg TV over the last couple of months.

I personally look forward to working with Marc a lot more as we build out more of the team in San Francisco.