OpenStreetMap allows any map feature to have a name for labeling points, streets and areas on a map. These names can be in any language by use of multilingual name tags.


Name tags for the major world languages - Deutsche, English, Español, Français and similarly local languages can be rendered in Mapbox Studio Classic with simple changes in the CartoCSS editor and the OpenStreetMap derived mapbox-streets datasource.

map localization in Mapbox Studio Classic

To render other languages not available in mapbox-streets, a few extra steps are necessary to export the relevant GeoJSON and multilingual tags from OpenStreetMap using the Overpass Turbo API and creating an additional vector data source in your Studio project.

At the Bengaluru Mapping party last week, we created the first street map of Bengaluru in Kannada. Yogesh, who has been translating the street names documented the process here.

If you enjoy working on map data and open source technologies, take a look at our open positions with the data team at Mapbox Bengaluru!