Mapresent has been deprecated

Mapresent is no longer maintained. Instead, we recommend our other mobile solutions as a starting point for your own user-facing app.

We’ve made a lot of progress since our debut post about Mapresent, our new iPad app for creating and sharing immersive map presentations. I’ve made a brief video showing where things stand today.

Since our blog post on the last version, which walked through the app’s basic functionality of place markers and audio recording, we’ve fleshed out a few more key features:

  • Map theme changes using freely available MapBox Hosting tiles.
  • Drawing colorful annotations on the map as part of the presentation.
  • Exporting presentations to MPEG-4 video with sound.
  • Sharing exported videos in-app, by email, and with other apps on your iPad.
  • Fullscreen presentation mode.
  • iTunes File Sharing in order to retrieve exported videos and saved presentation documents.

There is still more to come, so stay tuned. If you are an iOS developer, you can grab the source today.