Mapresent has been deprecated

Mapresent is no longer maintained. Instead, we recommend our other mobile solutions as a starting point for your own user-facing app.

We’ve started development on Mapresent, our next iOS app - a video mixer-meets-mapping app. Our goal is for it to provide a new way to do interactive map presentations and allow for them to be exported directly to video and posted to online services like Vimeo or YouTube. We’re developing the app in the open on GitHub and open sourcing all of it. In the end, we hope this won’t just be a cool presentation tool for the iPad but also a blueprint showing developers how MapBox’s tools can be used to make awesome new mobile experiences.

Sketch of Mapresent's UI

Under current plans, Mapresent will let you create a presentation that you can either narrate live or record your voice to, and then export the video of it to the internet right from your iPad. The app will plug directly into MapBox accounts, allowing users to pull in their own as well as others’ maps onto their iPad for use in presentations. Teaching a class about geography? Need to make an important case to colleagues with data to back it up? Or even just want to zoom your family around to the different spots you visited on vacation? Mapresent will help you do this easily.

This seven minute video shows the current app in action.

The app is self contained on the iPad and allows you to do things you can’t currently do with HTML. Some examples are 3D globe transitions using something like Steve Gifford’s WhirlyGlobe (read about his MBTiles commitment as well as progress towards that goal), QuickTime export, audio recording, and easily sharing with related iPad apps like your email and Twitter. It will also allow for VGA/HDMI transmitting out, providing a high class viewing experience.

We’ve got a long way to go on Mapresent but wanted to give a taste of where we’re headed at this early point in development. As always if you have any feedback, feel free to contact me or the @MapBox team on Twitter.