Today we’re attending the Association of Alternative Weeklies conference to show journalists how to make and incorporate online maps into their news stories. Will and Eric will lead a session this afternoon on State of the Art Web Mapping, where they’ll briefly discuss the online mapping landscape and then dive into a walk through of how to take a simple spreadsheet of data and turn it into a custom designed map that can be embedded into any website using MapBox.

We’re especially excited to talk with journalists from alternative weeklies to find out more about how they see maps fitting into their stories, learn more about what tools they use now, and see what other visualization needs they have. It’s also great timing, with TileMill now available on Windows, in addition to Mac and Linux operating systems.

Tomorrow Eric will present a session aimed at the editors of alternative weeklies talking about what mapping and data visualizations can bring to news coverage and how they can be incorporated into an online presence and workflow. Will and Eric will also be running demos of TileMill from the MapBox table in the exhibit hall throughout the conference, so stop by for a full walk through and to talk more about what’s possible in web mapping.

If you’re attending, reach out to @ericg and @willwhitedc on Twitter to talk about online mapping tools and techniques.