What better way to get a head start on grilling season than mapping your favorite picnic sites! Last week Ajith and I updated OpenStreetMap’s in-browser editor to bundle the latest Maki icons. This refresh includes new icons for recycling, horseback riding, and even a fun grill icon.

To get started, place points on the map showing the location of all the amenities: picnic tables, grills, waste baskets, recycling containers. To add a new point, click the Point button, or press 1.

add new points in iD editor

This is easy, but picking the preset type for each point can get tedious. To speed things up, let’s use ⌘C and ⌘V (or Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V on Windows/Linux) to quickly copy and paste the picnic site features.

copy and paste features in iD editor

Can we go even faster? Yes! Copy and paste with ⌘C and ⌘V works on groups of features too. Hold down Shift to draw a lasso around some features, and copy them all in seconds!

copy and paste multiple features

OpenStreetMap’s in-browser editor makes contributing easy and fun, even if you have never mapped before. If you’re new to OpenStreetMap, get on the map to register and get started.

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