Today at the Nonprofit Technology Network’s annual conference, Eric will present on how nonprofits can use online maps to tell the stories behind their work and their data, along with Sean Larkin and Lev Tsypin from ThinkShout. It’s an interesting time for mapping in the nonprofit space, with the barrier to entry being lowered with more open source and user friendly tools being released, making mapping possible for nonprofits of any budget size.

This session will focus in part on showing what’s possible, showing examples of nonprofits using maps in their advocacy work, to report survey findings, and to track and collaborate around operations. It will provide an overall of existing open source interactive mapping technologies and how they can be used. Then Eric will give a hands on demo on how TileMill can be used to design custom maps, walking through how to go from a spreadsheet of data to custom map, and then how to take it online and embed it in a website or application. With free accounts from MapBox, this is easier than ever.

If you’re at the NTC, check out Geek Out With Online Maps As Storytelling Devices today at 10:30 am in the Franciscan B room. For background on the open source mapping landscape, read Sean’s article, and for a jump start with TileMill, check out the crash course.