We just processed high resolution imagery with DigitalGlobe for Mamou, a region within the center of the Ebola outbreak where more than 80 people have died and more are at risk as the virus spreads to urban areas. High resolution imagery of Mamou was previously unavailable; you can now trace the imagery and help map this area via the HOT Task Manager (_read more about the tracing efforts).

This satellite image was taken by GeoEye-1 on January 8th, 2013 at 11:18:44 UTC. Resolution is pan-sharpened 0.5 meters/pixel and processed and uploaded to Mapbox within one hour upon delivery of the data using our satellite imagery processing pipeline. If you are coming to OpenStreetMap’s State of the Map US next week you can lean more about DigitalGlobe imagery for OpenStreetMap from Kevin Bullock, who is presenting on “Mapping the World in Raster.”

Satellite image we just released with an overlay of Mapbox Streets. Since we source our data from OpenStreetMap, the map above is always updated with the latest contributions from the community. Swipe the slider to see streets overlay.

For a visualization of the amazing mapping activity in the past week, see Eric Fischer’s blog post.