MapBox.js keeps getting better: version 1.5.0 updates Leaflet to 0.7, bumping up performance and fixing bugs.

var map ='map', 'mapbox.streets', {
  shareControl: true,
  infoControl: { editLink: true }
}).setView([41.891304, 12.48621940], 17);

A new info control makes it easier to properly credit datasources and even easier to connect users to OpenStreetMap so they can improve the global community map. Setting editLink: true adds a callout to ‘Improve this map’ that automatically opens OpenStreetMap for editing, with the map in exactly in the place you were viewing.

We’ve also tuned the aesthetic improvements introduced in v1.4.2 to mix better with third-party extensions and Leaflet Plugins like Leaflet.draw and leaflet-fullscreen.

<link href='//' rel='stylesheet' />
<script src='//'></script>

Updating to v1.5.0 is simple, and there’s updated documentation and examples for all functionality.