Today we’re releasing MapBox.js v1.4.0, with new features, bug fixes, an updated version of Leaflet, and easier retina support. MapBox.js is an open source project, and many of the improvements in this release came from the community.

You can read the new API documentation and check out our continued progress in the changelog. We’ve updated all MapBox.js examples to use the new API.

MapBox.js moved from Leaflet v0.6.3 to v0.6.4, which includes some important bugfixes. We’ve fixed other subtle bugs and added some useful features, like a keepOpen option for the L.mapbox.geocoderControl.'map', '', {
    tileLayer: { detectRetina: true }

This release also makes it easier to provide great looking maps on retina devices. For maps based on MapBox’s customizable tiles, we’ve created a new autoscale option that lets you easily support high-DPI screens without having to create two versions of the same color scheme and settings. This is super simple to use from MapBox.js - just set detectRetina to true in the L.mapbox.tileLayer options, and the library detects retina screens and adjusts automatically.