Say hello to MapBox.js v1.4.2, with refreshed and refined UI controls and sharing options. Our redesign of established consistent and strong styling concepts that we wanted to embrace in MapBox.js. We simplified the stylesheet, matched layout, border style and color properties to those defined in our styleguide, base. We also kept property selectors light to make it easier to override the default style with your own customizations.

New controls in v1.4.2

Refined Dark Theme

The dark theme of our UI controls has a more refined look. You can use this special look for your own maps by adding a .dark class to your map container: <div id='map' class='dark'></div>. Check out what this looks like here.

New share action

What can we say? Maps are pinteresting, so we decided to include Pinterest as a way to share your maps. MapBox.js automatically grabs a snapshot of the map exactly where you were looking as a thumbnail image to share.

The share modal ui

You can add the share UI to your own map by adding the control to your initialized map.'map', 'mapbox.streets')
    // Add share control

Goodbye IE7

We’ve removed mapbox-ie.css: Internet Explorer less than IE8 will no longer be supported. We’re focusing our efforts on providing exciting new features to MapBox.js for modern browsers, so stay tuned.