Mapbox is now a provider in AirMapView which means Android developers can use Mapbox in applications where native map providers aren’t able to run.

AirMapView is an open source Android library from the mobile team at Airbnb. It’s designed to be a “view abstraction” for maps on Android devices. This ensures that regardless of the device’s capabilities or installed libraries, a quality map is always available to the user. For example, in some countries like China, the majority of Android devices sold do not come with Google Play Services installed which means that native Google Maps API will not run. In these cases AirMapView automatically detects the lack of Google Play Services on the device and instead supplies an alternate map provider and displays it in the app using a WebView. All of this is done without the developer having to code for different map providers.

Start using Mapbox with AirMapView today by installing AirMapView from the Sonatype repository and then adding your Mapbox map ID and access token to your app’s AndroidManifest.xml. For more installation details please see AirMapView’s Github repository.