SDK Compatibility - version list

If you’ve seen us introduce 3D buildings and data-driven styles, you know that the Mapbox Style Specification is moving fast. We’re racing to implement new features across all our SDKs - Mapbox GL JS, Mapbox iOS SDK, and Mapbox Android SDK. We want to give you these new features as soon as possible, but we also want to guarantee that your maps work with the code you’ve already deployed. So today we’re adding compatibility support to Mapbox Studio.

Now you can choose the minimum version of the Mapbox SDKs that you want to support with each map, and Studio will show which features you can use and successfully render. For example, we introduced the line-offset property with Mapbox GL JS 0.12.0, iOS SDK 3.1.0, and Android SDK 3.0.0.

SDK Compatibility - property tooltip

You can change the version compatibility of any map at any time. If your map contains unsupported styles, Studio will prompt you and allow you to remove them if you wish.

SDK Compatibility - version picker

SDK Compatibility - mutation warning

We’ll continue to show all properties in the UI, but those that aren’t supported in your chosen compatibility range will be greyed out as a tantalizing reminder to upgrade your SDK.

SDK Compatibility - disabled property