MapBox Streets now has a terrain map for the entire world, letting you turn any map into a terrain map and style it any color. Using global elevation data, this addition visualizes hills and elevation contour lines atop OpenStreetMap landuse and landcover information with the same colors as the standard MapBox Streets design.

To use the new design login to you MapBox account and create a custom map - you will now see a new mountain icon that will enable the terrain view on any custom map.

The mountain icon turns on the terrain layer

The terrain layer is built into our existing custom map builder, meaning you have the ability to tint the colors to match your design. You can also turn off the labels and streets layer to provide a clean hillshaded backdrop on which to overlay your own custom cartography or data visualizations.

Here is a video demonstrating how fast and easy it is to create a custom-colored map design using the new terrain option.

We have made a few tweaks to our existing color presets in the map builder to make sure they all work well with the terrain layer. We have also added a new color preset, Warden, designed with hillshading and contour lines in mind.

To try out the new maps log in to your MapBox account (or sign up for one free) and click the “New Map” button. We’re excited to see the new things people create with this, so tweet any maps you map @mapbox.