This post is outdated

The Static API is no longer in beta. Read the static API documentation. Start using it now by signing up for MapBox.

We’re happy to announce that the new MapBox Static API is now available for private beta testing. The MapBox Static API gives you access to all your maps, dynamic compositing, custom styles for MapBox Streets, and POI markers powered by the Maki icon set all through an elegant URL scheme that generates static images. If you’re looking to integrate maps with your mobile or web application but don’t need the overhead of JavaScript or a native tiling API, the MapBox Static API is perfect for you.

Static API

MapBox Static API Overview

What is the MapBox Static API? The static API is the simplest way to show a map on your website or mobile application. Each static map is a unique image based on a simple URL containing a map ID, geographic coordinates, image dimensions, and some optional parameters. Adding custom maps to your website is as easy as writing the HTML <img> tag.

Custom maps from TileMill. Any custom map you create in TileMill and upload to your MapBox account is automatically integrated into the MapBox Static API. Highlight specific locations, navigate with thumbnails, paint a broad overview, and more using your custom maps.

Custom styles for MapBox Streets. Control the design of MapBox Streets and integrate it directly into our Static Maps API. All of your color settings, presets, and label options are preserved when you request a map through the Static API.

Beautiful POI markers. You can add dozens of Maki icons at three different sizes to your map to mark important locations or points of interest. Customize the colors of the Maki icons to fit your look or provide your own custom markers if you need full control.

Interested in participating?

To apply for our private beta,

  1. Sign up for a MapBox account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Contact us including your username and a note about your use case.
  3. We’ll get back to you with more information about our beta program and provide access to our Static API if you’re eligible.

We’re excited to get our new API battle tested and as always please contact us if you have any questions.