Last week’s launch of our redesigned maps included a fresh revamp of Mapbox Satellite Streets. Our goal was to add meaningful context of vector data to our vibrant Mapbox Satellite imagery without sacrificing legibility to create a navigation-friendly map.

Seattle, Washington - overall shot

To maintain legibility over disparate terrain tonalities, we defined a hierarchical color palette that emphasizes major connections. We then deliberately reveal and dissolve this emphasis, simultaneously with the progression of zoom. This results in purposeful navigation information when you need it with fewer distractions in the map.

scipio utah - terrain detail

Our redesigned highway shields and expanded coverage help to distinguish major and minor thoroughfares as you navigate from rural to urban landscapes. Our updated transit icons add another level of information and remain legible upon higher zooms.

washington dc - highway detail

new york city new york - transit detail

At the street-level, we established roads with a subtle tint as paths for biking, walking, and hiking begin to come into focus and further define cityscapes. We accentuated place and road labels by increasing contrast which pulls them into the foreground for a faster read.

cincinnati ohio - street detail

washington dc - path detail

Finally, the updated landmarks orient users and make the map more navigable from the street level. We designed a comprehensive set of simplified, modern POIs that create visual space between these acclimating features and the imagery.

chicago illinois - poi detail

Explore Mapbox Satellite Streets further, and start building with it today!