Redesigned to complement our constantly improving Satellite and Streets data, we optimized Mapbox Satellite Streets for mobile in two ways: with stronger hierarchies and feature sets for road networks – including global highway shields, motorway exits, and transit stations – and easier to locate landmarks and points of interest.


Extended coverage of transit stations around the world, some featuring local public transit icons.

Stronger visual hierarchy for road networks

We designed a color-coded visual hierarchy for Mapbox Streets’ improved road classifications to emphasize national, state, and county US highway system distinctions. The accompanying redesigned highway shield iconography system allows for quick road system identification.

Highways and road networks

Highway shields designed to be pixel-perfect accurate representations of the original symbol.

On higher zooms, auto, and non-auto ferry routes, as well as foot and cycle pathways, have been considered in this redesign, adding detail while blending smoothly with satellite imagery.

Ferry and pathway styling

Pathways and ferry routes revealed at closer zooms.

Landmarks for better location awareness

Our newly designed, pixel perfect iconography amplifies Mapbox Streets’ improved landmark data, aiding mobile navigation uses by allowing landmarks and POIs to stand out against the map.

Landmark - White House

Landmarks keep user oriented by visually connecting the map to their environment.

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