We’re looking for a satellite imagery intern to join the MapBox team. You’ll be joining a hard working and close-knit team of purpose-driven developers, designers, and communicators. We’re a diverse group with backgrounds in international development, fine arts, music, politics, and activism, but we’re all here to ensure a future for open data and mapping.

You’ll be joining the Satellite team as we continue to grow our global satellite and aerial imagery base layer, MapBox Satellite. Each day, you’ll gain experience in open source raster data processing using open source tools like GDAL and TileMill. You’ll develop an acute awareness of the U.S. and global open data infrastructures, and how best to acquire data from them. You’ll be at the forefront of open mapping and open imagery, engaging stakeholders as well as national and local governments in the open data space. The most important aspect of your job will be to take ideas, turn them into concrete actions, and deliver results.

We’re looking for a data/imagery wonk with strong communication skills. We move quickly at MapBox, so come hungry with a passion for learning whatever it takes to get the job done.

Qualities we’re looking for

  • Data junkie and wonk. Data work is messy! Be ready to dig, hunt, sometimes troll, troubleshoot, hypothesize, and redo things as part of your daily routine. We’re wonky - with many different backgrounds - be prepared to contribute to the diversity of the team with your unique specialization.
  • Hunger to code. You don’t need to be a coder but you’ll quickly be exposed to Python, Bash, and whatever else we need. Scripting will be your primary tool for optimizing your workflows.
  • Strong oral and written communicator. You’ll be playing a key role in our external communications strategy: emailing, calling, and engaging potential partners; blogging; and of course tweeting. We’re looking for someone who can be both persuasive and articulate.
  • Passionate about open. Our first Satellite layer launch was powered entirely by public domain open data. We’re passionate about open source and open data.
  • Self-taught learner. You’ll be surrounded by teammates with deep experience in strategy, data, code, design, but we expect to be learning just as much from you.
  • Excited to work in Washington, DC. We’re a team driven by the energy of overheards, random late night sprints, and friendly trolling.

This position is a full time three-month internship, with the option to extend for longer. Our office is located in Washington, DC. There will be a competitive monthly stipend, frequent foosball, and two office dogs.

To apply

Please send the following to jobs@mapbox.com

  • Note describing why you’re interested in joining the Satellite team at MapBox
  • Resume
  • Examples of previous work (maps, websites, articles, or whatever medium communicates your work best)
  • (extra points) Design an awesome map with TileMill.


The deadline to apply for the Satellite team internship is 5pm February 12, 2013.