We’ve just published an example of using MapBox with WMS layers - the latest in the API being an open platform. Just like MapBox maps can be used in multiple systems, we’re working to make it possible to include maps from other sources in our new JavaScript API

MapBox With WMS

This joins the example of using Toner tiles from Stamen, which are served in the XYZ tiling standard like our own.

MapBox With Stamen Toner Tiles

The WMS standard is one of the oldest web mapping technologies and is still a mainstay at many governments and corporations, as well as legacy and desktop applications. It supports a wide range of options, like multiple styles, projections, and image formats. We’re taking care to keep things simple by only accepting the spherical mercator projection, and letting you specify any necessary URL parameters.

WMS is notoriously difficult to maintain and keep efficient, so we have no plans to provide WMS as a service. MapBox web services instead are simple, fast, and easy to use with open source libraries like OpenLayers, Leaflet and Modest Maps. But it should be easy to integrate against any other system as needed so that users can tell map-based stories, and make new things with combinations.