Introducing Mapbox Outdoors

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Mapbox Outdoors is now available to all Mapbox subscribers.

Mapbox Outdoors is a beautiful new map made for hiking, running, cycling, skiing, and exploring.

A beautiful new map designed for outdoor adventures.

Mapbox Outdoors is ready for anything: it includes thousands of biking, hiking, and skiing trails on top of detailed terrain with elevation data. Off the beaten path, find marked creeks, mountain peaks, and other geological features. What would your activity tracker or travel website look like if it cared about more than just highways?

The magic of Mapbox Outdoors is refined, curated data from dozens of sources — combined into a seamless layer. Then with Mapbox's customization technology, the visual possibilities are endless.

High resolution, fully customizable terrain data

Outdoors is the result of incredible improvements to our raw data sources and rendering technology. To make the map globally accurate, we improved elevation data in 9 countries. Even at the highest zoom levels, elevation lines and labels show every summit and crag. Landcover data colors every part of the surface to show the shape of the woods or a marsh in the valley. Highly detailed street and trail data from OpenStreetMap provides a guide off the beaten path.

Unlike most other maps, we store and render terrain as vector data, so it's highly customizable: you can change colors, fonts, and labels to match brands, apps, and experiences. For instance, you can render contour lines transparently to show elevation on top of satellite imagery.

As of today, Mapbox Outdoors is available for Enterprise. This summer we will roll it out for all Mapbox plans.

Update: Read more about the design behind Mapbox Outdoors.

Labeled elevation contour lines down to the highest zoom levels. Emphasized hiking trails, walking paths and cycling trails from OpenStreetMap data. Street level details are fine-tuned for urban areas as well as the great outdoors. Ski resorts show lift tracks and hills with difficulty levels. Worldwide coverage.