We are presenting at NodeJam today in San Francisco, a one day event at which startup companies using Node.js pitch their business plans to 500+ investors and developers. Eric will present a full walk through on the MapBox platform and how Node is at the core of our fast and beautiful custom maps for the web and mobile. The talk will specifically highlight this week’s big launches of TileMill for Windows and the release of MapBox Light, a public preview of our new global base map powered by OpenStreetMap. Both are largely tied to how we use Node. In addition to MapBox’s technology stack, Eric will talk about our business plans and the 2012 roadmap for MapBox.

Powered by Node

We’ve built the open source map design studio TileMill and our MapBox platform service on Node’s performance and flexibility. TileMill is a desktop application for Mac, Linux, and Windows, and the MapBox platform is a cloud service. Speed is paramount to both of these - rendering complex custom maps at incredible speeds and quickly serving millions of map tile requests. Node is what lets us achieve blazingly fast speeds on well over a terabyte of traffic per month. Node 0.6’s Windows support let us release TileMill this week as a full fledged Windows app - broadening our user base substantially.

Growing MapBox

The timing for these two launches and our pitch today at NodeJam are all part of our larger 2012 push to radically scale MapBox and the launch of our /Switch campaign. With Google’s recent move to charge fees for high usage of its Maps API, alternatives - especially ones utilizing open source at their core - are heating up, with many users switching to them for both design flexibility and cost savings. One high traffic website, StreetEasy, recently switched from Google Maps to MapBox to save roughly $250,000 per year in online mapping costs.

NodeJam is part of Node Summit, a Node.js conference that started yesterday. If you’re in town and would like to talk about open source mapping, MapBox, and Node, get in touch with Dane, Will or Eric on Twitter.