We’re continuing to move fast with the new Mapbox Mobile and are proud to announce polyline and polygon support. Now your apps can plot directions, regions, user traces, and all sorts of other on-the-fly data right atop our beautiful basemaps, and alongside the existing point and marker annotation support.

Grab the v0.4.0 release from CocoaPods or direct download, or read on for more details.

Improved labeling

We landed huge improvements to our already-solid labeling algorithms, increasing performance, labeling density and clarity, and speed. Maps look even better, perform faster, and bring more data to your apps.


We’re working hard to ensure that Mapbox Mobile is cross-platform, be it laying foundation for Android or for cross-platform toolkits themselves like Qt. Check out our build matrix on GitHub which runs every commit through a series of multi-platform tests.


Retain control of your data and gain intelligence about your users. Our mobile analytics keep data secure and anonymized, but give you unparalleled access to app and location insights every day.


Mapbox Mobile is open source and brings together many pieces of our stack:

Plus hundreds of other components across many repositories working on the server-side to display beautiful, optimized, and always up-to-date maps.

And because Mapbox Mobile is open, we provide a version of the library with debug symbols intact for symbolication in your own projects. We now default to installing the version without symbols for a 10x reduction in library install size. As before, Mapbox Mobile increases your app size by only a megabyte.


Mapbox Mobile is free to use in your apps for up to 50,000 monthly active users. Need more volume or want to take your data on-site? Our plans and enterprise offerings can do that.

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