Mapbox Mobile just launched on Android! Our completely open source SDK lets developers add beautiful maps to their apps. Mapbox’s SDK works just like Google Maps on Android: swap out for com.mapbox.mapboxsdk.views.MapView and make the switch to Mapbox. And it’s free for apps with up to 50,000 monthly active users.

The SDK is bundled with four vector styles Emerald, Light, Streets, and Dark

Google Play Services not required

The Mapbox Android SDK doesn’t use Google Play Services, so it can run on all Android distributions. The same code can power your maps on Android, CyanogenMod, Amazon Fire OS, and other Android variants that don’t include Google’s closed-source addons.

Familiar Android design patterns

We’ve followed API conventions and design patterns that are familiar to any developer who has worked with Google Maps and Google’s other Android APIs. You don’t need to learn a new vocabulary to get started. We even have plenty of examples to help you switch from the Google Maps SDK.

Mapbox across all major platforms

Your organization can now have the same beautiful and fast maps on the Web, iPhone / iPad, and Android. This is because the Android SDK uses the same vector map technology as our iOS and JavaScript SDKs. You can use one of our four map styles, from amazingly detailed streets and terrain to new light and dark styles for data visualization. The new Mapbox Studio also allows you to design your own completely customized map.

Get started with the Mapbox Android SDK today with our “First steps” guide and our collection of examples.