MapBox for iPad has been deprecated

The MapBox for iPad app is no longer maintained. Instead, we recommend our other mobile solutions as a starting point for your own user-facing app.

We’re pleased to bring a powerful new feature to our MapBox for iPad app, allowing for the in-app download of MBTiles layers and easier offline maps.

Whether you browse the new bulk layer download list to choose your existing MapBox Hosting layers to download, copy a URL to an MBTiles download from a colleague’s email, or tap a specially crafted direct download link on the web (beginning with mbhttp://), downloads are managed in one central popup - and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Even multi-gigabyte downloads will chug along in the background, leaving you to continue your work in the meantime or even to background the app and work on something else.

MapBox for iPad's new download manager

Going offline? Powering down your iPad? Or switching to cellular data? No worries, MapBox for iPad will intelligently manage your downloads, picking up right where they left off until they complete and are available for your use immediately afterward as offline-capable layers - or just plain faster layers even when online. Hundreds of beautiful, free layers are available now from MapBox, which you can browse right from the app. We think you’ll really like the added power of easily downloading directly to the device, as well as the possibilities for using the app completely free of a PC or Mac, just like Apple intended for the latest iOS devices.

Twitter integration

A smaller but also useful feature of this release is built-in Twitter integration, allowing you to easily tweet map snapshots as you are working with geographic data. Any time you’ve got a map view, you can use iOS 5’s slick Twitter integration to tweet from one or more accounts and share the map view with others.

MapBox's built in Twitter integration

We’ve also added the ability to save a snapshot to your iPad’s “camera roll” (regardless of whether or not you have a camera) for future editing and sharing. Just tap the share button on the main toolbar.

Other improvements

We’ve tweaked a number of other things in the app from performance in certain places, to smoothing the workflow for layer management, to theming enhancements, to subtle indications of information throughout the application.

As always, you can download MapBox for iPad from the App Store for free, and you can connect with us on Twitter at @MapBox.