We’re building Mapbox GL for mobile and web simultaneously, and in addition to last week’s release of Mapbox GL for iOS, we released Mapbox GL JS version 0.8.1, with some exciting new features, including perspective mode:

  • Perspective mode. Mapbox GL JS now allows you to control the pitch of the camera, enabling an oblique view of the map as you might see in sat-nav systems. Like other view parameters such as center, zoom, and compass bearing, camera pitch is fully animatable, allowing developers to build dynamic and fluid interfaces.

  • Improved labeling. All the labeling improvements that are in the Mapbox GL iOS SDK are also in GL JS, so you get the same density of labels while maintaining legibility at any zoom level or compass orientation.

  • Touch support. Touch events are now supported – you can zoom, pan, and rotate Mapbox GL JS maps on touch devices.

  • Expanded API documentation. The API documentation for Mapbox GL JS has been substantially revised and expanded. All public APIs are now documented – classes, methods, all the way down to individual parameters and return values. The documentation is generated with documentation.js, a community-wide project to improve the state of the art for JavaScript documentation tools.

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