Students! Teachers! Lend us your ears!

Here at Mapbox, we value the creative ways our tools are being used in the classroom. That’s why last week we launched Mapbox Education and made our tools totally free for students and teachers.

We want you to use Mapbox as your sandbox for learning, creating, and growing. We have a ton of tools you can put together to build beautiful, smart, interactive mapping projects. With 1GB of storage, 3 custom map styles, and an ever-growing range of guides, examples, and documentation, students can jump right in while instructors can design an updated curriculum. Plus, all our tools are open source and can run on any platform – Mac users rejoice!

The world of geospatial technology is constantly changing and growing, and at Mapbox we’re running right along side it. Sign up for Mapbox Education today and stay ahead of the curve.

Questions? You can contact me on Twitter at @lyzidiamond or via email at