We just launched MapBox Earth, a free and open source iOS app that combines the power of a 3D globe with MapBox’s beautiful maps. It’s also a great starting point to build your own 3D mapping app - we’re cracking the 3D globe software market wide open by releasing the source code and building in the open.

MapBox Earth

MapBox Earth is a universal app optimized for iPhone and iPad and it includes beautiful preloaded layers based off of MapBox Streets, MapBox Terrain, and MapBox Satellite. You can switch the map layer with a single tap and feel the maps right in your hands, in gorgeous and fast 3D.

To create this app, we partnered with mousebird consulting, an expert in the field of 3D maps and the developer of the underlying engine. We’re shining a light on more great open source mapping work that works great with MapBox.

Grab MapBox Earth on the App Store or browse the source code on GitHub!