I presented at AWS re:Invent in December, sharing how Mapbox uses different AWS edge services to achieve high availability and low latency for our customers around the world. As a mapping platform, we serve 200 million end users and billions of requests a day - that’s a lot of data.

Take a look at the video below and see how we use Route 53 latency-based routing to run our origins in nine regions worldwide and how we analyze logs to make critical business decisions and improve security. I also get into a few details around security at the edge, and how we leverage the AWS WAF to defend against scraping and DDoS attacks.

Want to talk more about scale and security?


Alex Ulsh, Kara Mahoney, and I will be attending Enigma - Security and Privacy in Context in Oakland at the end of the month. I’m looking forward to the “Spam, Abuse, and Criminal Profit” and “Behaviors and Detection” tracks. Reach out if you’d like to catch up at the conference and talk scraping, bots, or anything else security. By the way, the Mapbox security team is hiring!

Check out my re:Invent presentation below.