MapBox now supports SSL on every plan and across every service - at no extra charge. SSL is a necessity for every secure website, and it’s vital to have all remote resources sent via the HTTPS protocol in order to protect users’ privacy and to avoid mixed-content warnings.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to start using SSL. MapBox.js v1.1.0 will automatically detect when you are using a secure webpage and will use purely SSL resources when necessary. Users can access web services securely as well, including tiles, static images, geocoding, embeds, and JSON endpoints. These requests have no additional cost; HTTP and HTTPS traffic is billed at the same rate.

On mobile, MapBox iOS SDK v1.0.3 has the enablingSSL option that will make all requests securely for a particular map layer.

SSL is no longer limited to Plus and Premium plans and no longer requires a beta process - so many users can save money by switching to a plan that perfectly fits their usage level, and now everyone can make their sites and maps more secure.