Our friends at Mantle, the plugin for effortlessly designing 3D environments in Unity, just released the 1.1 version of Mantle Environment System on the Unity Asset Store and it now includes Mapbox Streets v7 vector tiles!

3D Cityscape with Mantle

Mantle’s users will now have access to global coverage and information on land use (such as forests or lakes), roads and transport systems, and building heights, for prototyping and creating 3D content based on real world data anywhere on Earth.

Trees on a real-world map

Create traffic simulations with AI that follows the roadways, design a world overtaken by aliens with space ships in every city park, or create a zombie apocalypse where all of the cemeteries in the world are zombie spawn zones. With Mantle and Mapbox, you can stream our geospatial vector data into Unity and create volumetric city models or procedurally generate virtual worlds. All of this is backed by Mapbox’s robust global cloud infrastructure.

A character in a real-world map

This is another great implementation of Mapbox data in Unity and we’re excited to see what Mantle and Mapbox users cook up! That is why we’re providing a free starter API key for all Mantle users, and existing Mapbox users can now use their API keys in Mantle 1.1.

What will you build with Mapbox and Mantle? Let us know on Twitter.