This is the power of community mapping. Last weekend 28 mappers came together to put Managua bus routes onto OpenStreetMap. Using nothing more than pencils, paper maps, and GPS devices, they surveyed Managua’s most important bus routes and entered them into OpenStreetMap. Their goal is to use the resulting data for traffic analysis and public transit routing in Managua. This is all possible due to the simple fact that OpenStreetMap is open data.

The mapping party was led by long-time German transplant Felix Delattre, who plans to lead future mapping parties in Managua as well. Read Felix’s wrap up post on the event, and check out these photos of the weekend.


Mapping bus stops

Tracking bus routes with GPS devices directly on the bus

The group used OpenStreetMap Field Papers to survey bus routes

Entering data into OpenStreetMap

We’re happy to have sponsored the mapping party and plan to continue supporting local communities where people are doing interesting things with OpenStreetMap.