Maki, our open-source point-of-interest icon project, has gone through some exciting changes recently.

Better for collaboration

Previously, Maki icons existed in a single source file, bunched together inside one canvas. This was a major pain point when it came to updating and adding new icons, both by designers at MapBox and the greater community.

Thanks to some code wizardry, each icon is now stored in its own SVG source file and compiled into a complete sprite down the line. This makes it incredibly easy and fast to update and contribute new icons.

Ready for your map

We also did work under the hood to turn Maki into an API. Our online map-making tool fetches Maki directly from the source – any updates to Maki are automatically available for use in your markers. The addition of an API for Maki also allows better integration with our iOS SDK. Soon, we will start bundling the Maki icons with the SDK, enabling easier offline use of markers, as well as customizable marker shapes and colors for apps that live completely offline.

We’ll be adding new icons frequently and welcome your contributions.